Post Halloween Blues

For most people, Christmas is their favorite holiday.  For me, it's Halloween.  As a kid in the early 80's I loved the cooling weather, well, sort of cooling weather here in Sunny Southern California, costumes, school carnivals, and the excitement of being just scared enough.  Most years, I was a classic witch, with a glued on big warty latex nose and home-made by my grandmother black widows weeds dress and a pointed hat.  I carved pumpkins with nary an injury and only a little blood, roasted the seeds and ate them hot, some salty, some not.  I watched mother nature melt my carved squash with colorful green and black molds.  I crafted little ghosts with dental floss, Kleenex and red and black markers. My ghosts had large frightened eyes and lots of blood.   I gleefully hung my poltergeist all over the front porch.  I spun webs from the rails to the rafters of our porch out of twine as a home for my coat hanger and electrical tape black widow.

Thus my Halloween romance bloomed and my crafting career began.

Its the end of November 2019 now, my Halloween decorations are still out when most people are getting their Christmas up.  The 13 plus totes and battered boxes of Halloween paraphernalia, life sized wooden coffin, body bags and Gothic groupies still haunt my house.  This is the time when I decide who gets to stay out all year, and who has to sleep like the dead until next.  I start thinking of who I will be next year.  Something dead, or UN-dead, of course.  Thus I mourn the passing of Halloween.

It was a good year, a busy year.  Our Etsy sales have increased dramatically, we've increased our craft shows, and we have tons of new products in the works.
The Sew Geek Studios Team, The Mermaid and Domestic Zombie
Annual Chills and Thrills Craft Fair in Imperial Beach, CA.

The bright spot in the gloom of post Halloween blues?  Halloween Clearance sales!!!!!!!!!!!!  Until next year, stay scary!
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