New Product Alert, The Florence Civilian Mask

"My mask protects you; your mask protects me. " Slogan from the Czech Republic 

The Sew Geek Studios Florence Civilian Mask is reusable and made of double layered 100% cotton, a removable and replaceable wire nose piece (twisted double pipe cleaner) so it can be fitted to the individual, elastic loops that go over the ears, and an interior pocket that can hold an optional filter (not included with the mask).

The Florence Civilian Mask is not a medical device and is not intended as such. The goal of wearing cloth face masks is to try to reduce the spread of illness, especially when people are contagious but do not yet feel sick, and to reserve medical grade masks for medical personnel. The Florence Civilian Mask is NOT certified for medical use and is sold as a general face covering for non-medical individuals.

The Florence civilian mask comes in a variety of patterns.  They can be purchased in our Etsy shop.  

Styles and patterns are limited so don't wait!


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