The Florence Civilian Face Mask Sizing Guidelines

The better your mask fits the better it works.  Here are some photos to help you decide the right size mask for you.  Most of the masks listed in our Sew Geek Studios Etsy Shop are regular adult sizes.  This size will fit most adults.  But as we are all individuals, there are other sizes that can be made for you on request.  Availability is subject to materials on hand and current work load.  Lead time is usually 1 to 2 weeks.

The Florence Civilian Mask sizes are as follows:

(Usually good for children from older toddler to elementary school age.)

Teen or Petite
(Usually good for teens or individuals with smaller faces.)

Regular Adult
(Generally fits most adults.)

(Better for individuals who wear an XL hat size or have facial hair.)

Size Comparisons

Please Note:
The Florence Civilian Mask is NOT certified for medical use and is sold as a general face covering for non-medical individuals.


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